Must Watch: In the Midst of the Coronavirus Outbreak, Here’s What We Should be Learning From Italy

For everyone who lives and works in an area affected by the COVID-19 outbreak, it’s important to understand that in order to keep your day-to-day routine as healthy as it should be, hand sanitizer has to be on you 24/7. As a way to handle and contain the outbreak, there are a few activities you need to start avoiding.

Looking at what has happened in Europe, especially Italy, the infection grew from affecting only 56 people to infecting thousands, leading to the shutdown of the entire country in the blink of an eye. Companies instituted mandatory work from home policies, hundreds of schools and colleges closed or switched to online classes. Social distancing is a responsibility for all of us. It’s not about panicking and quarantining to only protect ourselves, but it’s also to protect your friends, family, and others around you.

Watch the video below to see how quarantined Italians are sending messages to themselves about what they wish they knew ten days ago.

We’re facing a serious challenge, and although the virus appears dramatically less fatal for those under 50, younger and healthier people can still get infected by the virus, spreading it to others who are at risk, and in some cases succumbing to the disease themself.

There are important tips for us in the Middle East to go by; to those of you who’re trying to maintain their healthy routine, you can always do your usual workout, but instead of going to the gym, do it in your own home. Avoid going out to malls, cafes, or any crowded areas. Stay safe and make the responsible choice.

The most important lesson to take home from what Italy has already been through is to take this seriously. Don’t wait for things to escalate before self-quarantining. Don’t wait for things to escalate before taking proper hygiene and safety precautions. Don’t wait for things to escalate to do the right thing.

The Italians have left us with some beautiful lessons and messages, we should listen.

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