Racism and the Coronavirus: This Video of an Asian Man Left Stranded on Cairo’s Ring Road Says it all

Yesterday, a video of a terrified Asian man stranded on Egypt’s Ring Road went viral on Facebook and we couldn’t just let it pass.

From the comments of the people in the car next to him, to the traffic officer yelling hysterically, to the people who did not stop to help him, the entire situation was just infuriating to watch. And to top it all, the driver who actually refused to take him back in the car and left him stranded in the middle of the highway. The entire scene was unbelievable! There are so many things that are wrong in this video, and it’s unimaginable that we’ve reached this kind of discrimination, bullying, and recklessness towards fellow humans.

It’s also quite disappointing to see how we deal with non-Egyptians who chose our country as their place of residence. And you know what’s worse than a deadly virus spreading in several countries? It’s the fear that has led people to be insensitive and downright cruel towards one another.

WE SAID THIS: Stop the racism!