In Pictures: A Visual Tribute to the Jan 25 Revolution on its 10th Anniversary

The Jan 25 Revolution was more than just an 18-day protest because it made us Egyptians understand our civic responsibility. We became more cooperative with each other and started caring more about our country. We joined hands, cleaned the streets together, and started campaigns to make Egypt a better place to live in. We put aside our political views and preferences and focused on just one goal. Even Muslims and Christians grew closer together and forgot their differences, and many children and teenagers became more patriotic and more informed. Volunteer doctors set up a street hospital to provide free medical care to those in need, other volunteers made rubbish bins and painted the pavements to keep Tahrir Square clean, and some even organized a kindergarten for children. We realized that we are inseparable and that we can always count on each other, regardless of the circumstances.

On the 10th anniversary of the Jan 25 Revolution, we celebrate the memories we took away from the most memorable days of 2011. Here’s a throwback to a time when we were all united.

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