Going to Dubai Soon? Here’s a List of Rules You Need to Keep in Mind

Just when we thought that by the end of 2020 things would go back to normal, a new coronavirus strain was discovered. Unfortunately, this means the global pandemic will continue to linger and the prospect of ‘back to normal’ seems to be delayed further into the future. On the bright side, the vaccines are currently being finalized, giving us a ray of hope that the end of the pandemic is within reach. However, the first vaccines will be prioritized for healthcare workers and people with serious health conditions, so getting vaccines for everyone will ultimately be a longer matter.

Dubai is one of the Middle Eastern countries that have been doing their best to contain the spread of the virus since the beginning of 2020 by imposing strict safety measures to protect both residents as well as tourists. Over the weekend, Dubai has updated its rules. Officials from regulatory bodies stepped out and announced new precautionary measures to ensure the safety of outlets and venues. Below you’ll find a full list of the new directives.

Only first-degree relatives can attend weddings or parties

Social distancing at restaurants and cafes

All tables at restaurants must be set up three meters apart with the number of people sitting on one table restricted to seven only. As for cafes, only four persons are allowed per table .

Safety rules for gyms and fitness centers

Physical distancing must be increased among the gym’s equipment as well as the trainees by 2-3 meters.

All entertainment permits are cancelled

Dubai’s Ministry of Tourism has suspended all entertainment permits. These announcements came shortly after 200 violations of safety guidelines and fortunately, were detected by the authority. As a result, around 20 establishments were shut down.

Shows on ships, or any type of floating eateries, are cancelled

According to the Dubai Maritime City Authority, no entertainment activities will be allowed to take place on vessels or floating restaurants ‘until further notice.’

Only a few live shows are allowed to take place

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