On Tolerance: UN Signs New Resolution of Peace With Egypt, Morocco, and Saudi Arabia

Tolerance is one of the most important characteristics we need to foster, not only on a personal level, but also nationally, and globally. According to the Mariam Webster Dictionary, tolerance is defined as “sympathy or indulgence for beliefs or practices differing from or conflicting with one’s own”. The United Nations General Assembly adopted a resolution on tolerance, signed by Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Morocco, under the name “Promoting a Culture of Peace and Tolerance to Safeguard Religious Sites”.

UN Ambassador Mohamed Idris explained that this idea emerged because of the existence and increase in religious intolerance, addressing a growing need to promote coexistence and peace in those countries. The aim of this kind of resolution is to urge all countries to make effective moves to combat any and all forms of hatred that lead to discrimination and violence.

A similar act between the UN and Egypt took place on December 21st when Egypt and the UAE declared that February 4th International Day of Human Fraternity. Idris also stated that Egypt’s interest in this field stems from its position as a symbol of moderation and coexistence, and from its responsibility to actively promote constructive dialogue between religions and cultures, addressing all forms of discrimination.

In order to actually work on such a resolution, the Secretary-General is set to gather a global conference aimed at advancing the United Nations Plan of Action to Safeguard Religious Sites, involving governments, political figures, religious leaders, civil society, and the media, among other stakeholders.

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