Why Sudanese Singer Amna Haider Is Being Attacked For Reciting Surat Al-Naba’ From the Holy Quran

Sudanese public opinion recently split into two sides after a young Sudanese singer, Amna Haidar, caused tidal waves in Sudan for reciting verses from Surat Al-Naba’ in the Holy Quran in a way that was different and unheard of in the country.

During the 36th memorial service of the execution of the controversial Sudanese religious thinker, Mahmoud Mohammed Taha from the Republican Brotherhood Party, Amna Haidar caused controversy across social media after reading verses from the Quran. Surprising the attendees, she read the Holy Quran in a way that was considered unconventional to the listeners due to its melodic tune. A popular Islamic preacher even said that Amna is trying to make Quranic readings sound like Christian hymns and songs.

As soon as the video was posted on social media it went viral, with most people deeming it inappropriate for her to read the Quran in that manner, and others explaining that there is no reason to attack her.

People are used to hearing recitations in common shrines, such as the Maqam of the Hijaz, the Bayat, or the Rassit, which are one of the main reasons why Amna’s recitation was frowned upon.

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