In Paws We Trust: 7 Arab Dog Loving Celebrities Share With Us Their Furry Family

The debate of whether you’re a dog or cat person goes way back in time. Your preference of pets are said to say a lot about you. Several Arab dog loving celebrities are here now to show us that they too admire these furry creatures. Dog lovers are adventurous, playful people. They’re wild spirits. They’re loyal and caring. It’s basically a globally known fact that dogs are your best friend, just like you are their’s.

Dogs protect you, they play with you, and they come to your aid as best as an animal could. Not that cats wouldn’t do any of these things either of course, but here’s a list of Arab celebrities that share one thing in common: they’re dog lovers. If they don’t have 3-4 dogs, then at least they got one. Let’s check out these Arab dog loving celebrities and their furry creatures!

Tara Emad

Not only is Tara a dog owner and lover, she also advocates animal rights and really cares for animals and their well-being. Not so strange for a pet owner, as they tend to develop empathy towards all animals.

Ahmed Fahmy

Some would say this is kinda too much, but Ahmed Fahmy made an Instagram account for his dog with around 33K followers. The dog’s name is Zizi and shares his last name too! On International Women’s Day, he posted a collage of four photos of the women in his life: his mother, his wife, his sister-in-law, and Zizi. He’s the best example of just how our pets truly become our family.

Rania Youssef

Rania writes in her caption a sweet message about how dogs don’t carry the coronavirus, so enjoy their company and hug them. This picture is of one of her dogs, a new born puppy. In her caption she’s asking her fans to help her choose a name, any suggestions?

Ahmed Helmy

Helmy has several dogs, with one pictured below. Helmy uses his dogs as guest stars in his movies, as every dog that was ever in his movies were actually his! They’re pretty famous at this point.

Mena Massoud

Massoud posted this picture of his dog on National Love Your Pet Day, expressing his love for his furry companion. Usually Mena posts pictures of his movies and photoshoots, but this was one of the few pictures taken on a just a normal day.

Amy Samir Ghanem

Amy has filled up her Instagram account with selfies of this adorably cute dog. This picture is drawn by a fan account of Amy, and she shared it on her account.

Ahmed Mekky

The ultimate animal lover, Mekky, has a lot of pets. A lot. Several birds and dogs, and more. Here is a picture of his dog, that’s been with him for years now.

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