How Yumamia Helped Our Office Up Its Game With One Simple Step!

There are several reasons why your browsing or research guided you to this article. Most likely, you’re looking up Yumamia or trying to up productivity levels at your office. If it’s one of the above reasons, we’ll do our best to make your life easier (and your office environment better) with this article.

To begin with, Yumamia is a food delivery app that offers junk-free meals using premium ingredients with top hygiene standards. The app is very convenient, where you can order affordable, real, and clean food in just three clicks, and it’s delivered to you in less than 60 minutes.

But how did Yumamia help us up our game at the office, you ask? Let us enlighten you; it’s the Yumamia Office Lunch Club (YOLC).

Never feed bored!At Yumamia’s Office Lunch Club #YOLC, your desk can witness a new cuisine every day. Sign up now:في برنامج يماميا للشركات، جرّب مطبخ جديد كل يوم.

Posted by Yumamia on Monday, December 9, 2019

YOLC offers corporate catering solutions to businesses of all sizes in Cairo and Alexandria. Subscribing our office to Yumamia’s Lunch Club boosted the productivity of our office in several ways, and it could be just what your business needs!

Let me guide you through the easy process of subscribing, then we’ll go into how it helped our team. The first step when you visit the website is customizing your offer by choosing your package, picking the desired delivery time, office calendar, and the number of employees.

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Next step is to input the names and emails of the subscribed employees. The platform will remind the employees with daily/weekly emails to place their orders. And voila, the team can expect their meals delivered fresh and on time to the office.

YOLC has helped our office in so many ways. Firstly, cutting off junk food and eating clean yet delicious food made us all more healthy, active, and content about our choices. Secondly, the team felt cared for, valued, and appreciated by their place of work, which increased loyalty and productivity.

Moreover, the time we used to spend picking and ordering food from different places is no longer wasted, as the ordering process now takes exactly two minutes! That doesn’t mean that the variety is lost; Yumamia has an amazing range of worldwide options that won’t sacrifice deliciousness for the quality and ingredients.

The hassle-free business catering service is, by all means, worth the money! You’re literally investing in the health and happiness of your employees. Your team not spending money to order food at the office is like giving them a raise while ensuring that they won’t order junk food that negatively affects their health, and definitely their productivity and creativity.

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