How to Know He’s Head Over Heels!


By Omar Abdelghani

Unlike women, men tend to be tremendously transparent when it comes to how they feel about you. It’s not that they’re more honest, or that they’re more, dare I say, passionate or perhaps vehement when it comes to their feelings. None of that. It’s just, truthfully and honestly, to be blamed solely on their stupidity. You see, when us, men, are in love, we can hardly bring ourselves to hide it. Subtlety truly is not a male’s forte.

Here are a few giveaways that speak in Cupid’s tongue:

Utterly and undeniably ridiculous

Via Mental Floss

This one’s a bit obvious, I am sure. But in the unlikely, and downright doubtful, case that you have not a single clue of what I speak, then allow me to further expand. The male species are all but intricate and complex. They are rather primitive creatures that follow through with basic instincts. Such as in the way, Man+Food results in happiness, Man that is in love results in ridiculousness. Where everything is ample and everything is amplified, man cannot help himself but overly indulge in activities that, in a darling way, assert their presence onto you. I believe the contemporary term is ‘showing off’.

He has the astonishing ability to morph; almost instantly, into a Teddy bear-like creature; only it is revolting.

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He could be with his ‘buddies’ acting all macho, taking part in some brawny, all-male kind of affair, but upon catching sight of you, he would make the astonishing transformation, going from what seems to be a clapping monkey’s mentality to one of rainbows and butterflies. Simply put, he morphs into a teddy bear, although, one that is endearing I might add.

Text, text, text….

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It’s basically all he does. It really is self-explanatory, still, by way of expansion, allow me to expand on this idea furthermore. If a man is head over heels for you, then make sure you know that his phone comes in second to yourself. He’ll often take to frivolous texting, where he is habitually sending you a variety of texts, from annoyingly tagging you on every single post ever to get posted, all the way to sending you meaningless hello’s, only to get more of you.

Never one to disagree

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It’s not him trying to please or appeal to you, and it definitely isn’t some spurious attempt or bogus claim that says you two are akin. It’s just that he’s fascinated by all that you are. Enchanted by your mere presence. You know, it’s like Frank Sinatra said, ‘I’ve got you under my skin, I have got you deep in the heart of me, so deep in my heart that you’re really a part of me, I’ve got you under my skin.’

He will always make the effort to see you, ALWAYS!

Via Pacific Palms Resort

It doesn’t matter where you are, he’ll always make it there. Regardless of any commitment that he may be attached to, regardless of tomorrow’s calculus midterm set to start at 8 AM, knowing that he hasn’t studied one bit, still, he’ll make it. Gladly, might I add. I mean, they call them hopeless romantics for a reason, mainly because there isn’t a shred of hope for them, but at least they get to spend some time with you, I guess.


Via A Nose for Film

You’ll find that they shamelessly stare, or rather, gawk in your direction. It’s nourishment for the romantic within, only they fail to realize that by doing so. They would be causing grievous damage, as it is alarming more than anything, harrowing even. However, you may find solace in knowing that during times of such instances; man is romanticizing, deeply and openly.

Now, I’m no Dr. Phil, and these aren’t definite signs to look for. But, if he’s a hopeless romantic, looking for some fairytale love and isn’t afraid to act like a fool, then expect bold and big moves, and be sure, that he undeniably and thoroughly loves you.


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