Here’s Why You Shouldn’t #SupportEgypt


“Are you sure you REALLY want to do this?” My best friend and I were watching the news coverage of the Russian plane crash from October 31 as I was packing to move to Egypt.

She was right, I shouldn’t have come to Egypt. Just like I shouldn’t go to New York, London, or Glasgow. After all, they were struck with catastrophe. Those places despite being in Europe and America are unsafe, and traveling there, I’m putting my life on the line and risking getting killed in an accident.


In light of the recent plane crash that happened in Egypt, I was confronted by the same question of safety and I kindly reminded my family back in the States that if I’m destined to leave this life, it’s going to happen no matter where I am.




By this logic, I should just stay in my house and never leave, because at the end of the day, nowhere is really safe. I can always fall victim to a terrorist attack, a fatal accident, or just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. So why would I leave the comfort and safety of my home to see the world? Or so they say…

Tragedies happen everyday all over the world, but that should never be a reason for people not to travel to a region or country. After recent calamities we’ve witnessed a significant decline in tourism. Yet, when catastrophe hits America and Europe, people won’t hesitate visiting the region as they would for the Middle East.




The hashtag #SupportEgypt made its rounds on social media back in November during the aftermath of the Russian airplane crash. It is making a reappearance on social media in light of the recent EgyptAir plane that crashed into the Mediterranean after leaving Paris airport last week. I’d like to give a reminder to people that terrible things happen all over the world and we shouldn’t let terror, misfortune and fear stop them from traveling the world and visiting Egypt.





WE SAID THIS: If I’m going to die, I’m going to die. Whether I’m driving a car in San Francisco or flying to Egypt.