Why Is Every Single Actor Frowning at Us on 6th October Bridge? E7na Na2senko!

Ramadan is just around the corner and people are already panicking over coffee withdrawal, heatwaves while fasting and saying stupid lines like, “Enta sayem wala zay kol sana?” For the last two years, something else that has been blown out of proportion during the holy month is the thousands of mosalsalat billboards on every bridge and highway in the city.

We understand that nailing those TV show ratings has become a war and properly marketing your show is a must if you want people to get hooked on it. Yet, the one thing that makes absolutely no sense to us is why the freaking hell every actor is frowning at us on billboards?




The ‘Khanka’ cast looks miserable as hell






The ‘Afra7 Elobba’ cast is gving us the blues







Na3am ya Dorra?






And then there’s a double effect: A Sabrina frown with a depressed Amr Youssef behind her






Seriously guys, life in Egypt is difficult enough without having to look at your sad faces staring at us every day on our way to work and back home. We will still watch your show if you smile.




WE SAID THIS: Shewayet sa3ada please, Mesh na2senko!