Here’s Why We Need More Brands Like Urban Earthlings In Our Life!

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With the contemporary lifestyle we have today, people live on this earth as if we have an alternative. Millions of species are at risk of extinction, fossil resources are being wasted, plastic waste is filling the oceans, and very little has been done to end this.

While policymakers are still debating whether or not global warming is real, some individuals are taking it upon themselves to play even a small role in the big fight for our planet. We only hope that people follow the footsteps of these examples and baby steps become giant leaps towards a more healthy and sustainable environment.

One brand that is promoting an ethical lifestyle, minimalism, and conscious living is Urban Earthlings, and we’re all here for it! Amira Ayman, the founder of the brand of the hour, launched Urban Earthlings in an attempt to build a community that inspires ethical living.

The Cairo-based brand makes zero waste, cruelty-free, ethically produced products for the day to day use.

Her life was changed back in 2015 when she decided to put aside everything she knew and ventured into the world of living compassionately with more conscious decisions regarding the way she eats, dresses, and commutes. Four years later, the new lifestyle inspired her to raise awareness and help people follow the same path through Urban Earthlings.

Check out the blog for plant-based recipes, yoga-related posts, and of course to shop from a variety of their products.

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