The End of an Era – Game of Thrones Bows Out in Glorious Finale

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Spoilers for the Game of Thrones series finale follow. If you are not up to date, do not read on.

It’s all over. Game of Thrones, possibly the most epic television series ever created, has now finally come to an end. HBO never wanted to kill the cash cow that came about thanks to George RR. Martin’s wonderful prose, but showrunners David Benioff and D.B Weiss were desperate to move on to other things.

In the final two seasons, it was clear that the writers were looking for a quick escape, and a lot of the storytelling felt forced and rushed. However, they still deserve credit for delivering a satisfying end to an overall brilliant series.

A lot of Game of Thrones fans voiced their discontent over the breakneck speed of this final season, and the way a lot of plotlines had been completely rushed. Take Night King for example, whose reign of terror lasted for a single episode after being hyped up for eight seasons.

Storylines like that one required so much more exploration, and the viewers deserved better. Daenerys Targaryen’s transformation into Mad Queen came from nowhere as well, and it felt as if there was no real reason for it either.

Despite rushing to the endgame, the finale tied things up fairly well. It was clear that Daenerys’ grip over the ashes and rubble of Kings Landing wasn’t going to last. Also not too surprising that it was the show’s hero, Jon Snow, who stuck a knife in her heart. Bran Stark being elected as king was a slight shock, but it also felt right that someone wise and fair should be the ruler after such a poor run of monarchs.

This is certainly not the end for Westeros-based content, that’s for sure. While the main series left things wide open for a potential sequel, there are also several prequel series to look forward to. In addition to that, there are likely to be more games in the future which give players a taste of the action.

There is already the Game of Thrones slot game from Microgaming, which is available to play at a vast number of online casinos. With over 30 bonuses to choose from, players would be wise to use Bonus Source when seeking a place to play. There’s also the Game of Thrones RPG from Telltale Games, and there has been talk of a major developer creating an open-world offering at some point in the future.

After watching the growth of these amazing characters for nine years, there was a worry that the ending wouldn’t do them justice. But Jon riding off into the far north with Ghost and Tormund Giantsbane was particularly rewarding. It was also nice to see Sansa and Arya Stark achieve their dreams. If Martin ever finishes the A Song of Ice and Fire series, there may be some alternative character arc resolutions offered. Hopefully, the talented author will be able to finish his books soon.

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