Here’s How you can spend an unorthodox NYE in Egypt!

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If you’re an unconventional person like myself, I’m pretty sure you’d like to do something extraordinary for this new year’s eve. Everyone’s probably going to a popular party, but apart form the overpriced fiestas and extravaganzas, there are still some other things you can do. I mean, the glitz and glam have become too mainstream! So, if you’re aiming to start 2019 with a fresh off the beaten path kind of activities, here are some ideas!

Throw a Felucca party!

You know these flashy boat rides you’ve always wanted to enjoy with your friends? Well, why not do it on new year’s eve? I’m thinking more like a private bash in the middle of the Nile; you, your music, your loved ones, and that’s it.

Go pub crawling

Instead of just settling down for one fancy party, gather your friends and go pub crawling. Who wouldn’t like a midnight adventure?

Spend the night in

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Slumber parties never get old! Invite your girls over for a sleepover; turn it into a game night or simply Netflix and chill!

Unleash your wild side!

How about you spend the last day of 2018 discovering your inner adrenaline junkie? Embrace your inner risk taker and do something crazy! If you’re up for some monkey business, zip lining is always a great idea. If so, then Mario’s High Ropes is your place to be!

Go camping

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Stay away from the city lights and delve into the wilderness instead! Head to one of Dahab’s or Nuweiba’s camps and spend this special night under a sky full of stars. All you need is your significant other, a blanket, marshmallows, and a bon fire!

Hit the slopes!

Guess what! You can actually have a white Christmas in Egypt! Who needs real snow when there’s Ski Egypt in 6th of October City?

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