Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Dubai Autonomous Pods

As always Dubai is introducing a new revolutionary invention that will change public transportation forever. The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) started testing the driverless taxis or ‘autonomous pods’ according to What’sOn.

Here’s a video that explains how the pods are designed to work.

The driverless taxis are designed to travel short to medium distances and carry up to 10 passengers, the pods can travel separately or get coupled together to form a bus, where passengers can move freely from one pod to another. Travelers will also be able to enjoy the free Wi-Fi inside the vehicles.

The average speed of the autonomous pods is 20 kilometers per hour and they are fitted with batteries that allow them to work for three hours, and take up to six hours to recharge.

“The success of initial tests of these units will bring about a breakthrough in transportation systems that offer innovative mobility solutions and ease snarls in the city,” said His Excellency Mattar Al-Tayer, of the RTA.

WE SAID THIS: Can’t wait to see them roaming the streets of Dubai