Omar Samra Speaks Out For The First Time About The Accident That Nearly Ended his Life

The Egyptian Sports Gunky, Omar Samra, spoke about his accident in the Atlantic Ocean for the first time ever, eight weeks after the accident took place. Samra and his partner, Omar Nour, survived a storm while pursuing their dreams of crossing the Atlantic that ended up capsizing their boat and were left deserted for 12 hours.

Samra and Nour dreamed to be the first Egyptians to row across the Atlantic Ocean as part of a race that set off from San Sebastian de La Gomera in Spain, on December 14, towards Antigua.

Samra hasn’t opened up about the incident ever since, up until today, in an Instagram post telling all his fans about his journey.

As you may have guessed I’ve been in voluntary social media hibernation for almost 8 weeks since the dramatic incident that brought our Atlantic crossing dreams to an abrupt end. Let me start by thanking you all for your generous support and concern, I’m forever grateful ?? Many of you have been asking us what happened out there and l can definitely say it’s beyond your wildest expectations. We could never have imagined it! When I think back to the events of that day, I can only say that I’m so grateful to be alive. If we had to live that experience ten times again, I doubt we would make it out once. @o.n.tri and I can’t wait to tell you the full story with it’s harrowing details but we will wait a while longer because we want to do it justice. We’ve been working tirelessly those past weeks on something special that we hope to share with you in the near future. For now, I’m back with family, @wildguanabana and making sure every day is a day spent with those I love and in service. #TeamO2 #mountains2ocean #twac2017 #AtlanticCrossing

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WE SAID THIS: Samra, you will always be our hero!