Heneidy Makes His Debut Appearance in 2020 and It’s Going Viral

Via Twitter

There is no such thing as a non-viral Heneidy tweet. Everything he’s associated with turns into pure gold. Leading Egyptian Comedian Mohamed Heneidy is known to be one of the most popular Arabs on Twitter, with his hilarious and sarcastic comments and amazing memes. However, Heneidy is now trending on Twitter with the hashtag #هنيدي_اوبر after he posted his music video promoting Uber Bus.

The people are in love with the music video because of its catchy lyrics, stunning visuals, compelling storytelling, and most importantly because of the nostalgic feels it gives from the references to Heneidy movies. The music video has references to some of the most iconic Heneidy movies like Se3eedy fel Gam3a El Amrekeya, Foul El Sin El 3azeem, and Ga’ana El Bayan El Taly.

The video is being shared across different social media platforms, even though it’s an ad. However, Uber succeeded in creating content that is rich enough to be shared by everyone.

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