From Bent El Geran to Weshosh Alwan, Here’s Your Ultimate Sha’abi Cover Playlist

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Singing cover songs of hit music can definitely be a blast! Those of us who love and appreciate good music would understand that there are some songs that we just fall in love with the minute we listen to them and keep playing on repeat till we literally memorize them. This passion can sometimes turn into an inspiration for some people, which leads them to record popular cover songs and upload them online. It’s always a great way to show off your skills to the world and try to find a way to make the song your own. Recently a couple of Sha’abi Egyptian songs, Bent El Geran and Shams El Magarra, broke the internet when Bent El Geran reached number two on SoundCloud beating Elon Musk, and Shams El Magarra reached number seven.

Although there are hundreds of covers to many hit songs, below you’ll find a few cover songs that really stood out due to the uniqueness and originality of their performances. So scroll down to have another taste of your favorite songs.

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