Hend Sabry Slays at Carthage Film Festival Claiming Best Actress Award

Via The National.

Just in, superstar Hend Sabry wins Best Actress Award at Carthage Film Festival for her role in “Noura’s Dream”. The Tunisian actress took to Twitter to thank her audience, describing how ‘indescribable’ it was to be honored in her home country.

“Noura’s Dream”, directed by Hinde Boujemaa, tells the story of a woman struggling to leave her abusive husband. The film also won the prestigious Golden Tanit award for Best Feature Film at the Tunisian awards.

Sabry has been on a roll for quite some time; in October, she also claimed El Gouna Star for Best Actress during the Gouna Film Festival. In addition, she has been chosen to be a Jury member at the Venice International Film Festival.

Reflecting on her experience with “Noura’s Dream”, she said to The National: “It is not emblematic of one culture, it’s a universal story,” she said while in Toronto to promote the film. “It can be understood and felt by a woman in Sweden, a woman in Saudi Arabia, or a woman in Australia or a woman in Tunisia.” Sabry said.

The highly-anticipated film will also be screened at the Cairo International Film Festival, which will commence a few weeks from now.

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