10 Things You Didn’t Know About Hend Sabry

By Salma El Gogary

We all know her for her role as “Ola” in the Egyptian TV series “Ayza Atgawaz” among many other amazing roles. Hend Sabry is a Tunisian-Egyptian actress who has always been a woman of many achievements. She recently became the first Arab woman to win the Starlight Film Awards at the 2019 Venice Film Festival that was previously awarded to the American actor Al Pacino.

Here’s a list of Hend’s most honorable accomplishments:

Venice Film Festival

Hend Sabry became the first Arab woman to judge at the Venice Film Festival among other directors including Emir Kusurica and Antoinette Liowill.

The UN World Food Programme

She became an ambassador for the UN World Food Programme (WFP) against hunger in 2010. She was so passionate about the cause and she collaborated with the UN on creating “Share the meal”, a donation app that aids people in Syria and Yemen.

100 Most Powerful Arab Women of 2012

“Arabian Business” listed her among the “100 most powerful Arab women” which is considered to be one of the most prestigious listicles.

America Abroad Media Award

She also won an award from the America Abroad Media organization in Washington for her outstanding leadership and commitment to empowering local voices through their work in media in the Middle East.

Forbes Middle East

The star has also reached the Top 10 Arab Actresses of 2017 list that is issued by Forbes Middle East on a yearly basis. It followed up after she was ranked as number 27 on the list of the Top 100 Arab Celebrities in which the magazine revealed in August of 2017.

She’s a lawyer

Hend received her license in law at the Faculty of Law of Tunis in 2001. Later, she completed her masters in law specializing in intellectual property and copyright in 2004.

She handed the very first prize for Equality between Men and Women

The French Embassy’s First Prize for Equality between Men and Women was handed by actress Hend Sabry to the “Women and Memory Forum Online Feminist Campaign” in a ceremony at the French Institute on International Woman’s Day.

Her first movie ever was a blockbuster

Hend’s first film ever was “Muzakirat Murahiqua” (A Teenager’s Diary) which was viewed as a controversial film in 2002. Her role pushed her to immediate stardom throughout the Arab world and in a short span of time. She was able to become one of the most prominent Tunisian actresses in Egypt and the Arab world.

She has always promoted equality

Hend is one of four women who contributed to the Facebook campaign inspired by the Arab spring titled “The Uprising of Women in the Arab World” which aimed at promoting gender equality in unity with the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The calls focused on granting freedom, independence and security to Arab women.

She was honored by the Egyptian Catholic Center

Hend Sabry and the cast of Halawat Al Dounia were honored by the High Commission of the Egyptian Catholic Center for Cinema as Halawat Al Dounia was considered one of the most important TV dramas that aired during Ramadan. She was also honored for the same role by Baheya Foundation for Early Detection and Treatment of Breast Cancer.

WE SAID THIS: May your successes continue, Hend!