Hala Shiha Claps Back at Haters Amidst Niqab Drama

It was a shock years ago when cinema’s golden girl, Hala Shiha, announced getting veiled and choosing a different life path that did not include acting. The unexpected turn of events left her fans speechless, yet the actress’s latest announcement was jaw-dropping.

The ex-niqabi announced her return to TV after years of hiatus and the reaction on social media was fierce. From congratulating the actress on her return to playing God and endlessly preaching, Shiha has been dealing with a lot of hate over a personal choice.

During a phone interview with Wael El-Ibrashy, ElAshera Masa’an TV show host, the actress explained where she stood from the social media backlash. Shiha expressed her excitement to return back to cinema and television, where she will insist on playing meaningful roles. The actress denied any friendship or ties with Khadija Khairat ElShater who took to social media to advise the actress to fight the urge to take off the veil.

Shiha added that only God can judge her and urged everyone to mind their own business. Watch the interview below:

اول اتصال حلا شيحة بعد خلعها الحجاب

Posted by ‎بتاح بيكتشرز للإنتاج السينمائي‎ on Saturday, August 11, 2018

 WE SAID THIS: We’re really excited to see her back on TV!