Hala Shiha Brutally Attacked on Social Media for Wearing Niqab

Via Facebook


If Facebook is not a public platform for people to insult one another, then we don’t know what is. If an actress wears a bikini, social media condemns her to hell. If a woman complains about being attacked on the beach for wearing a burkini, people call her a liar. There are no winners when it comes to social media wars.


Hala Shiha before the niqab.


Former Egyptian actress, Hala Shiha, finds herself the latest victim of social media after posting the first photo of herself in a niqab. Every Shiha fan knows that she quit her acting career to focus on a more religious life. However, comments on social media were brutal when they first saw her in a niqab, instead of a hijab.


The comment reads: That’s not Hala Shiha, that’s Hanan Tork.
The comment reads: A trash bag.
The comment reads: Mashallah for what?
The comment reads: Disgusting picture.


From calling her a trash bag and making fun of the fact that there is no proof she is Shiha, it was a disaster by all means. Shiha soon took to Facebook to give her two cents on the comments.


Via Facebook


The actress asked everyone to stay positive and not spread hate on her page, whether her fans are pro or against the idea of niqab. Shiha explained that sometimes silence is much better than arguing, adding that she forgives everyone who hurt her with their words.



WE SAID THIS: Live and let live, you guys.