Guess Which Egyptian Series Is the First to Make It to Netflix

Via Al Bawaba

As we were checking out what’s new on Netflix to prepare our weekend’s binge-watching list, we stumbled upon Amr Youssef’s picture. YES! You just read that! OUR Amr Youssef, on NETFLIX! Turns out that your favorite Ramadan hit series, back in 2016, just made it to the world’s most popular online streaming platform.


That’s right, it’s Grand Hotel! However, you’ll find it under the name Secret of the Nile. That’s mainly because the original Grand Hotel is also on Netflix. Remember, Screenwriter Tamer Habib’s TV series was an Egyptianized version; with his own twists of course, of the Spanish one.

The great news makes the show the first Arabic show ever to be featured on Netflix. After this and the announcement they made weeks ago about Jinn, as well as Adel Karam’s Live from Beirut, the speculations are confirmed. Netflix is officially interested in our region and it seems like those aren’t the last Arabic additions. Apparently, this is just the beginning.

WE SAID THIS: Click here to watch it all over again, but this time on NETFLIX!