Arabs’ Week Hilariously Described By Mark Zuckerberg’s Facial Expressions

Facebook has been under fire this week for rumors that Trump-affiliated political consulting organization Cambridge Analytica stole data from 87 million of its users. We’ve all been watching, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, testifying live before the United States Congress. Honestly, we’re thousands of miles away and yet we feel the intensity.

Yet, no matter how serious the situation is, one thing that is inevitable is creating memes. Zuckerberg just got a taste of his own creation and he’s been the center of every meme and GIF for the past 24 hours. We couldn’t help but feel that every move he made during the hearing explained an intense moment from this past week.

Here is how Mark just facial expression-ed our Easter week:

When I pretended on Instagram that I’m in Gouna having the time of my life

That feeling after I got 3 likes on Instagram

When I realized someone behind me was wearing the same outfit as mine at an Easter party

When I remember during a meeting the next day that Feseekh and renga have consequences

Photoshopping a confident and upright posture during a meeting after a weekend of madness

My feeling last Weekend VS. today

WE SAID THIS: May God be with you, Mark!