Giving Thanks To A Retiring Icon: Adel Emam’s Finest Moments Throughout The Years

Stepping down after more than 50 years of legendary performances both on the stage and screen, the crown prince of Egyptian pop-culture Adel Emam is saying goodbye to acting.

Gracing more than 100 movies and more than a dozen TV shows, the dramatic and equally comedic star has cemented a place in the hearts of millions of fans. In celebration of this iconic figure, we’re taking a look back at some of our favorite aspects of the actor:

His Films: A Comedic Twist To Politics & Society

Since the very beginning, Emam took a no-care attitude in his acting, taking on roles that shocked many people across the Egyptian community. He was quite different from all the actors around him because he addressed sensitive social and political issues with unique humor.

He was straightforward, honest, and tackled many hot-button issues including gender roles in society in films like 1966’s “My Wife,” terrorism and religious extremism in 1992’s “Terrorism and Kebab.”

He also tackled political corruption in the 2006 masterpiece “The Yacoubian Building,” a star-studded epic that gives viewers a look at all social classes in today’s Cairo.

His Priceless Collabs: Screenwriter Wahid Hamed

Known as the legendary Egyptian Screenwriter who devoted his 53-year career to placing the plight of the deprived and oppressed in the limelight, Wahid Hamed stands tall as one of the most renowned figures in the film industry. His stories captured social issues embedded within Egyptian society.

Kicking off his successful career, he worked on “Ahlam al-Fata al-Taer” (Dreams of the Flying Boy) back in 1978. This was the start of his longtime collab with Emam. Imagine these two legends working together to create films that showcase the intricacies of Egyptian society including their most popular collab, “Terrorism and Kebab.”

His Legacy: Continued Through His Talented Son

The Yacoubian Building wasn’t just a film that became one of the most important films in Egyptian history up to that point, it also helped launch the career of Emam’s son. Mohamed Emam, Emam’s son, co-starred with him in the film, marking his first big break in the industry.


Today, Emam’s son has cemented a name for himself and has become one of the biggest stars in Egypt in his own right.

His Fame: Making It On Forbes Middle East Top 100 Arab Celebrities

A name like that of Adel Emam is legendary, which means that it’s easily expected for him to gain accolades and major titles. Among his many accomplishments is making it on Forbes both in 2017 and 2020. He was named one of the top 100 Arab celebrities among other legends like Amr Diab and Ahmed Helmy.

During his second win in 2020, he made it to sixth place on the top 10 list, and, interestingly, he was the only actor to make it on this list.

His Recognition: Getting Honored By Global Film Festivals

Beyond Forbes, knowing that he’s a cinematic legend, Emam always receives recognition within the film industry itself. Throughout the film festival circuit, you’ll always find the legend getting recognized and honored.

From getting honored during the 14th International Film Festival in Marrakech to receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award twice during two separate editions of the Dubai International Film Festival, he’s a true cinematic legend.

Taking this trip down memory lane reminds us of why we love the outstanding actor. With his newfound entry into retirement, we hope that he finds fulfillment and joy in the new upcoming chapter of his life.

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