In Latest Interview, Motaz Azaiza Paints A Horrifying Picture Of 107 Days Of Genocide In Gaza

After 107 days of covering the daily genocide against Palestinians in Gaza, Journalist and Resistance Icon Motaz Azaiza has evacuated to Doha, Qatar, where he went live on AlJazeera Channel to give us a glimpse of what it feels like to be in Gaza. 

Israel Doesn’t Allow All Aid Into Gaza

Via Reuters

Despite what Israel has been claiming about Egypt’s ‘reluctance’ to provide aid to war-torn Gaza, Azaiza has confirmed that Egypt does offer entry for around 100 trucks of supplies and aid on a daily basis, only for those trucks to be stopped and searched by IDF and then most items get disapproved for entry to Gazans. 

Food Is Scarce, Animal Feed Is Now The New “Flour”

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Palestinians are resorting to processing animal feed into flour for nourishment. 

Health Services Are Not Keeping Up

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With nearly 25,000 dead, daily hospital bombings and medical supplies not passing through the watchful eyes of IDF, Azaiza told several stories of children, fetuses, and adults dying because there were no spaces in hospitals or lack of medical equipment, not to mention deteriorating hygiene.

He said, “You lay the injured child on a bloody floor in the hospital because that is the only space available.”

No Jobs, No Money & No Resources


For those heroes persisting, basic human expectations are non-existent, even if food is available to buy, which it isn’t, there’s no money to spend because there are no jobs to perform in exchange for money. It’s a constant run for survival that hasn’t stopped in 107 days. 

Journalists Are Targeted Viciously and Constantly 

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Azaiza continued to cover the genocide despite losing 25 family members on day 8. He also mentioned that the press vest doesn’t deter the IDF from targeting journalists on a daily basis.

The Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) has reported a preliminary count of 87 journalists killed in Gaza, while local sources point to a number closer to 115 as of January 23rd. 

Azaiza appeared calm, collected, and steadfast as all Palestinians facing an unstoppable genocide, ending the interview by saying, “We remain steadfast. Our youngest in Gaza is a Hero.”

He added, “We’ll soon return to a Free Un-Occupied Palestine.”