Gigi Hadid Channels the Arab in Her and Drags a Lady out of the S/S20 Chanel Runway Show

By Lojain El Shawaf

We always expect crazy things to take place during fashion weeks, like a model steering off the runway after being dragged for ten seconds straight in a 10-inch stiletto or maybe a wardrobe malfunction, but this time, the term ”crazy” has gone to a whole new level.

Gigi Hadid is known for being the sweetheart of the fashion industry, with her beautiful warm features and  cute looks, we didn’t see this stunt coming. A French youtuber known by the name Marie S’Infiltre, decided it was a good idea to dress in a Chanel copy-cat outfit and jump onto the runway as the models were performing their walk. Youtubers tend to do these kinds of pranks to hype up their channels or to get some views, or maybe because they find it funny, Clearly Hadid didn’t feel the same.

Gigi took it upon herself to walk onto the catwalk and just escort the runway-destroyer out of the show. After a seemingly heated conversation and a deathly stare given by Gigi to the lady, Hadid holds her by the arm and walks her out.

WE SAID THIS: now you know, you should never mess with Gigi Hadid.