From Water To Land: An Overview Of Indonesia’s Support For Gaza So Far

The Indonesian-Palestinian relations share a long history of cooperation and support. With Palestine being one of the earlier supporters of Indonesian independence in 1945, since the current Gaza genocide, Indonesia has been voicing its support for Palestine and condemning Israel’s assaults on Palestinian civilians. Here’s a look at just a few of the ways it’s been doing so.

Sending Naval Ship To Gaza

The latest of those acts of solidarity was when Indonesia sent a naval hospital ship to Egypt in order to deliver aid to people in Gaza.

Waving The Palestine Flag & Defying FIFA

Earlier in November, the Indonesian football team had defied FIFA bans on Palestine flags and managed in their creative way during a match between Madure United and Persib, waving the Palestinian flag across the match.

In addition to that, there have been several rallies where the Indonesians numbered in thousands.

Indonesian Government Showcases Support For Palestine

In addition to that, Indonesian President Joko Widodo is supportive of Palestine since day one. Indonesia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has released a statement expressing concern about the escalating conflict between Palestinians and Israelis.

“Indonesia is deeply concerned with the escalation of conflict between Palestine and Israel. Indonesia urges the immediate end of violence to avoid further human casualties,” said the statement published on X. The ministry said in a separate tweet that “The root of the conflict, namely the occupation of the Palestinian territories by Israel, must be resolved, in accordance with the parameters agreed upon by the U.N”

Indonesian Doctors Urge Support For Palestine

In a virtual event in November hosted by the Indonesian NGO Medical Emergency Rescue Committee, Indonesian doctors called on doctors across the world to stand up for health workers bearing horrible conditions in Gaza. The event gathered more than 1,000 participants, most of whom were from Indonesian medical groups.

Building The Indonesian Hospital In The Gaza Strip

Finally, it is important to bring to attention the Indonesian Hospital, although now announced out of service, has been targeted relentlessly by Israeli strikes. Yet, its history is a sign of how the Indonesian-Palestinian relations go back.

The Construction of the hospital began in 2011, and was funded by donations from Indonesian people and organizations such as the Indonesian Red Cross Society. The Indonesian Vice-president Jusuf Kalla inaugurated the hospital in 2016. Several volunteers from Indonesia have been working there even amid the attacks.

Indonesia as one of the countries sharing a large Muslim population has proved its support for Palestine for decades, prior to current events. However, their efforts are now under the spotlight, especially amid silence, and lack of adequate aid to the Palestinian people. It remains one of the few countries standing in the face of Zionism, and not shaken by its sweeping propaganda.

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