FIFA Bans Palestinian Flag But Indonesian Football Fans Didn’t Let That Stop Them

During a match on November 1st between the Indonesian football club Madura United and Persib, hundreds of football fans attended the Madura United match in Indonesia; together showcasing solidarity for Gaza by creating a massive collage of the Palestinian flag.

FIFA has previously banned the audience from bringing any Palestinian flags to football games in Indonesia, however, this didn’t get in the way of Indonesian football fans attending the Medura game to show their unity with Palestine which is currently under brutal attack.

green, red, and black colored papers were collectively raised by hundreds of fans in one of the sections during the match, creating a huge Palestinian flag.

“The resilience, the creativity of everybody in that section alone demonstrates how much we want to see the Palestinians live,” commented a user on Instagram.

Similar to Indonesian fans, the ultras of the Scottish Celtic Club have defiantly displayed the Palestinian flags several times despite UEFA fining the club.

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