From Tokenization Power To Mastercard’s Technologies: Recapping Egypt’s FinTech Retreat

The Fintech Retreat returned this past Thursday, May 31 for its third edition. Beachside, at Red Sea’s Soma Bay, the three-day retreat in partnership with GIZ Egypt and ElRehla was the under the patronage of the Central Bank of Egypt’s (CBE), FinTech Egypt, and the Financial Regulatory Authority (FRA). The third round was launched with the intention of bringing together fintech founders, enablers, financial institutions and regulators to dive into deeper conversations and knowledge sharing about the industry. Here’s a recap of the third edition!

With El Rehla’s trademark signature of hosting unconventional retreats, the out-of-the-box entrepreneur through the partnership of Mastercard and GIZ Egypt was able to achieve a retreat that showcases start-ups at the forefront, helping them identify areas of growth and development.

Mastercard MENA Division President, Khalid Elgibali, commented on the retreat, saying, “at Mastercard, we focus on pushing boundaries with disruptive ideas and innovations. Our commitment to develop the sector is driven by our joint mission of raising financial inclusion, closely aligned with our vision of empowering Egypt’s fintech companies to fast-track economic growth.”

Also, the Head of Financial Sector Development at GIZ Egypt, Andreas Ruepp, said, “the Retreat is an essential step towards a more connected Egyptian fintech ecosystem. Bringing together all key players under one roof will help build a mutual understanding of the challenges, opportunities, and capabilities, thus advancing the sustainable development of the industry.” He also added how the collaboration with Mastercard factored into the success of the retreat. “Our partnership with Mastercard builds on our commitment to harnessing the power of technology to build a digital, financially inclusive economy in Egypt.”

The three-day retreat included various talks that ranged from Mastercard empowering fintech to change the payments landscape to the role of partnerships in driving growth in fintech, the latest edition saw many insightful discussions surrounding the future of business.

If you attended the retreat, let us know what was your favorite part.

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