From Souks to Scenic Parks: Unleashing Romance on a Budget Across The Region

Going out these days is pretty pricey and we are not just talking about eating out at restaurants but even the usual morning coffee order. Anyone in a relationship wanting to spice things up with a fun night out has to really mull over the entire outing and may even cave in to staying home and ordering take out. We wanted to find a way to make dating out accessible across the region so we did a little research and curated a collection of unique and affordable dating ideas across the region.

A Scenic Picnic At Cairo’s Al Azhar Park

Beyond being home to majestic mosques and charming palaces, the historic city of Cairo is also known to boast some of the most picturesque stretches of tree-lined parks across the city. Sitting within Old Cairo is the 72-acre green space known as Al Azhar Park boasting an architectural design inspired by Islamic Cairo. For the ultimate budget friendly date, pack a delicious lunch of sandwiches and some drinks and take your partner to the majestic park which was listed as one of the world’s 60 great public spaces. After your meal, you can take a romantic walk through its many promenades dotted with fountains and take a candid photo by its gazebo with a backdrop of the citadel.

A Romantic Promenade Across Dubai Marina

Anyone who visits Dubai knows that there are some spots around the city that you have to visit to actually feel like you came to Dubai. Along with witnessing the majestic Burj Khalifa, you also have to hit up the Dubai Marina, one of the most sought out neighborhoods of the Emirate. At this special district, emerald green waters frame some of the tallest towering skyscrapers while yachts bob gently on the surrounding water. To impress your partner, take them to this prominent locality and wander along its palm-lined promenade for the perfect romantic night.

A Casablanca Corniche Bike Ride

For many people, Morocco’s Casablanca is known for looking inward and towards the narrow streets of the medina yet looking outward sits a whole other gem. At the waterfront sits the kilometers-long seafront promenade known as La Corniche showcasing a fun side to Casablanca. The corniche is quite long, spread out across many sections starting from the north of old medina all the way to the Atlantic seafront. Take your partner to this prime spot and rent a bike ride across the promenade where you’ll be able to pass by the Hassan II Mosque, the historic El Hank lighthouse, the Anfaplace shopping centre and much more.

A Bustling Experience At Sidi Bou Said’s Market

Beyond its golden beaches and sunny weather, some of the most picturesque towns and villages can be found in Tunisia. There is one in particular town that draws tourists and couples from all around the world. Known as Sidi Bou Said, the ultimate picturesque seaside suburb is unlike any other spot across the region. Standing at this town, you will be surrounded by white washed houses embellished with sky blue wooden doors and shutters. To soak in the true Sidi Bou Said experience, take your partner and head to D’Art Lella Salha & Des Metiers, known as the local marketplace. You can visit the many small local shops and tap into your bargaining skills to by some of their unique handmade products including traditional clothes, colored plates, and bags.

An Artful Trip Through Amman’s Dar Al-Anda Art Gallery

Stepping out of the box, if you live in Amman, Jordan, home to bustling souqs and second-century Roman ruins, you can show a different side to the city to your partner. If you are both the artsy type, you need to visit Dar Al-Anda Art Gallery, known as Amman’s art haven since 1998. The special gallery boasts one of the largest private collections of modern art in Jordan and includes collections by modern art legends including Ismail Fattah, Dia Azzawi and Muhannad Durrah.

A Snowy Hike At Lebanon’s Beautiful Peaks

With it being the winter season, many spots across Lebanon will be covered in mountains of snow. It is the opportune time to hit up the slopes for some skiing, snowboarding and other icy adventures. To bring up the romance factor, you can also make the most of the icy weather by hiking up the white mountains of Lebanon. You can either trek the Arz Ehmej where you will witness majestic scenery including Hafroun as well as breathtaking ponds along the way or a beautiful snowshoeing loop in Qehmez and the Harjel highlands. This activity surely have you and your partner bond together while you are surrounded by nature and breathtaking views.

The best part about these collection of dates is that they are not only budget friendly but offer you a fun and unique glimpse into some of the hidden gems of these special Arab countries.

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