A Quirky & Fun Middle Eastern Guide On How To Nab A Date

Valentine’s day is upon us and red shaped everythings are everywhere and though you thought being single on this blessed day wouldn’t get to you…it did. Now the day is fast approaching, and you haven’t got yourself a date, that’s where we come in. We’ve decided to spread some love ourselves and have curated a guide on how to get yourself a date right here in the Middle East. Brace yourself as this won’t be your average run-of- the-mill guide.

1. “You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it”

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Yes, yes, yes the inside is what matters, be beautiful on the inside, but we are humans after all and a dash of color here or there can help catch the eye of a potential suitor. So, it’s time to put on that outfit that makes you look like literal fire, get glammed up with some makeup, if you’re a guy get yourself a nice shave and head out. No matter where you will go whether its Dream Park or the supermarket, dress to impress…even for your very own self, giving yourself that confidence boost is a very attractive quality.

2. “It all started with a swipe right”

Not into going out and just want a shortcut to all this dating stuff? Then might as well take a nab at online dating. Its simple, its all about writing up a witty and funny bio like “Current relationship status: Made dinner for two. Ate both.” Add in some cute pics of yourself, maybe your favorite mirror selfie and you are all set. Here in the Middle East you got yourself Bumble, Tinder and Albi.

3. “When online dating fails, its time to consult the mighty Arab auntie”

We all have those aunties in our life who are just itching for you to approach them about your dating life. Trust me, they will be ready and may even have a full ledger of potential partners that they have gathered after years of crowd scanning at sporting clubs, weddings, funerals and breakfast hangouts with eager fellow aunties.

4. “Our love needs no words, just a look”

For this tip, you will need to really sink into your inner diva and tap into that sassy confident woman you know and love. Sometimes, nabbing that date requires going on a literal hunt and striking the type of eye contact that will have him hooked. So give him some eye contact and once you got him, strike up a conversation and see how it goes from there. Never underestimate the power of a look. For our Arab fellows, best not lest you come across as a stalker/pervert, instead find out someone who knows someone preferably a cousin and ask for an introduction.

5. Facebook Pages

When all else fails, its always good to consult the ladies online, the ones who have been through it all. I am talking about the infamous Facebook group “Confessions Of A Married Woman”. Yes, it exists and as per its bio, it’s for everyone the “single, engaged, married and divorced”. Beyond its hefty dose of empowering and cheesy quotes, it’s a great platform to get your hands on a goldmine of dating advice from the women who have been through it all. As for the lads, there is a sister page titled, yes, you guessed it, “Confessions Of A Married Men”, get on there and just ask the fellows.

6. “Educate yourself”

It’s crazy how today there are courses on everything imaginable, literally everything. Don’t worry, we are not going to tell you to take a dating course (FYI, they actually do exist, one of them is called School of Attraction, google it). We instead mean to go out and take part in a course and learn something new and find a potential partner while you are at it.

7. “Travel makes the heart grow fonder”

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These days, we all just want to escape the daily hustle of Cairo’s bustling streets for a much needed vacation. You can do just that while also boosting your chances of finding a potential partner. How? By joining a travel group and jet setting across the globe or even across Egypt itself. These groups are scattered all over Instagram, so they are easy to find and once you join, you’ll get to travel and maybe even have your very own romantic adventure.

8. “If you do not get out of your shell, you are just a nut”

When all else fails then you need to step out of your shell a bit and venture into the world. Do something scary and new like rock climbing or bungee jumping as the more you go out, the higher your chances of finding someone for you. Sure, you may end up breaking a few limbs but at least you’ll get to nab that date.

So, with this guide we’ve covered all possible bases and scenarios you will face in the dating scene starting from the initial phase of finding a date all the way to escaping said date with flair and confidence. Dating is not easy but at least with this guide, you can have a laugh while navigating the shaky unpredictable world of finding a partner right here in the Middle East

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