From Siwa to Dubai, Mac Candee’s Viral Travel Blog Is Giving Us Some Serious Wanderlust

Mac Candee, a digital creator and traveler, is exploring the world, knocking down one country at a time. He ventures through Europe, America, Africa, Asia, and more, but recently, Mac visited the Middle East, specifically Egypt and Dubai. His travel blog and documentations, be it videos or pictures, are nothing short of surreal gems. With around 10.4K followers on Instagram and over 150K followers on TikTok, people from all over the globe are riding along on his trips through social media.


His trip to Egypt was one of a kind, and we experienced it through his lens as well! He visited the Abu Simbel Temple in Aswan, Karnak Temple in Luxor, Siwa Oasis, and the Great Pyramids of Giza. The pictures are not something you can find online though, as Mac’s travel blog is a personal experience.

During his visit to Abu Simbel Temple, he takes a video of the temple’s entrance with what can be described as a Matrix-special effect feel to it. The video received endless positive feedback on it, and how couldn’t it? Check it out below to see what we mean!

Mac spends some time in the Sahara Desert speeding with a Jeep and taking some really cool video shots up close and from a distance. These are seriously the best dune vibes you will see.

He visits the salt lakes in Siwa and he admits that it’s the craziest place he has ever swam in. Since it’s filled with an extremely high percentage of salt, you’ll just float effortlessly! Not to mention the clear, crystal, and electric blue color as well.

Mac visited the Great Pyramids of Giza and took pictures by the impossible seemingly impossible structures. He tells a story in the caption where a police officer tried to take a picture of him holding the tip of the pyramid, but completely messed up the angle. Well, at least he had a good laugh looking back at the pictures.

The adventurer hadn’t had enough of Egypt though. He embarked on a hot air balloon over the city of Luxor and experienced the grass fields, the mountains, and the temples whilst soaring above with some riveting and inviting footage.

The beautiful city has more to see though. The Temple of Karnak from Ancient Egypt is a massive architectural miracle and Mac snapped some compelling shots of the historical monuments, in addition to taking some pictures of himself looking tiny and being hugged by the temple.


Visiting Dubai was another kind of paradise. Mac paid a visit to the Dubai Creek that is filled with restaurants, a spa, and a beach. In the caption of the picture it feels like being in Greece with the location, the decorations and the feels.

The Arab experience of visiting the desert of Dubai is quite unique. According to Mac, he’s experienced the time of his life in the sand dunes, and received a full on Arab experience in the camp while eating the local foods of Dubai.

Don’t miss some of his amazing pictures of Burj Khalifa taken from his balcony in Downtown Dubai, Shangrila Hotel, as he documents the sunrise from the absolute best spots in Dubai!

After he captured some shots of himself looking at a monumental frame in Dubai, he writes a witty caption that captures his wit from the moment.

Pack your bags and explore the Middle East right, or at least your country! There are always spots to be ventured into still!

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