Sharbat, Moghet & Beyond: A Drink For Every Arab Occasion

In the Arab world, special occasions are not just marked by large family gatherings or a big hearty meal, drinks are also a big deal when it comes to these unique festivities. Each drink has a story behind it and unlike most beverages in general, these drinks are also made using a distinctive range of ingredients. In celebration of the richness of Arab culture, we’ve compiled a collection of some of the most unique drinks associated with the biggest occasions in the Arab world.


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In many Arab countries, the biggest being Egypt, weddings have to be celebrated with a special drink popularly known as sharbat. Known for its infamous red color, sharbat is a sweet beverage made of lemon water, sugar, rose water and a hint of food coloring usually served in a large metal tray to a room of jubilant guests.

The drink is strongly associated with feelings of joy which is why it is also served during the prophet’s birthday, also known as Mulid El Nabi, a day when all Arabs celebrate by digging into a wide assortment of hardened candy mixed with sugar and nuts as well as drinking the infamous sharbat. All across the streets of Alexandria and Cairo, men would walk around with large trays of sharbat dotted with sliced bananas so that everyone can take part in the celebration.


Giving birth is no easy feat as it requires strenuous effort and can last several hours, that is why in Egypt a special drink is whipped up after a baby is born to not only celebrate the occasion but to also give the mum a needed boost of nutrition as a way to speed up her recovery.

Known commonly as moghet, the drink is made by boiling the crushed powder of the root of a plant with the same name. To up the nutrient factor of the drink, many ingredients including milk, honey, carob seeds, radish seeds as well as cloves and black beans would be mixed in. Drinking this powerful blended beverage helps to rejuvenate the nervous system of postpartum mothers as well as giving them a much need jolt of energy.


Known by the name Ruzaatah whose origins lie in the Italian word orzata, the beverage is considered a common delicacy among Libyans and Tunisians and it refers to a special type of almond drink that is mainly served at weddings as well as special occasions. To make the drink, simply add ground almonds to a water and sugar mixture and heat it up until it becomes thick in texture. This special drink is so well-loved, that many people are also making use of it to whip up some delicious desserts including almond biscuits.

Amar El Deen

Every year comes the holy month of Ramadan when the entire Arab and Muslim community would refrain from eating or drinking from sunrise all the way to sunset. That is why after families would break their fast, they would crave a cold refreshing drink to reenergize themselves and that is where Amar El Deen comes in. This orange-colored drink is made by simply adding sugar to freshly blended apricot juice and leaving the liquid to dry. It’s thick and rich, packed with nutrients helping to treat everything from poor digestion to insomnia.

Each of these drinks holds a special place in the heart of many Arabs and will continue to be connected to some of the biggest Middle Eastern events and celebrations. Let us know if there are any drinks we missed as well as which one is your favorite.

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