Cozy Arab Fall-Inspired Drinks to Warm Up With

With fall around the corner, and Middle Eastern’s take on Starbuck’s famous pumpkin spice lattes we have the fall drinks that could make sweater weather much cozier with more than good old hot chocolate. These recipes are perfect for entertaining or for grab your fuzzy socks, blanket and your favourite drama series. 


Karak is the chai latte of the Middle East. It’s favoured in the UAE, India and amongst the Gulf. People line up day or night to enjoy a cup despite its simple ingredients. Starting with black tea, milk is added and boiled for a few minutes before being served hot. Make the milk-tea drink, here.

Cardamom spiced almond milk

This warm chai-like spiced almond milk features cardamom and it’s vegan and gluten-free. Get the full winter delight recipe made with vanilla extract, turmeric and cinnamon, here.


Get a taste of Beirut this fall with this thick starchy simmering drink. Made with Sahlab powder and milk, the easy to make drink can be dressed up with nuts, shredded coconut and cinnamon. Make the recipe in 20 mins, here.


Karkade, known as hibiscus tea and it is a cranberry-like tasty drink made from roselle flowers. The magenta coloured drink is full of health benefits such as lowering blood pressure and sugar, aid in digestion and keep your liver healthy. 

Pistachio date milk

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High in protein, quick and easy to make, this is the perfect morning beverage for non-coffee drinkers. The smooth superfood drink is made with three-ingredients, blended and enjoyed chilled or hot. Don’t miss the recipe here.

 Date-sweetened hot chocolate

A heartwarming global favorite with a minor Middle Eastern healthy twist. Sweetening your hot chocolate will downgrade your sugar consumption and giving it a unique kick. Recipe, here.

Hummus El Sham

This must-try savory and spicy hummus drink in tomato broth is not your ordinary fall drink. The filling soup like drink, is perfect for cold winter and is super healthy. Step out of your comfort zone and give it a try, here.

Saffron milk

This pretty golden drink begins with sweetened milk and topped with threads of saffron, which is considered as one the world’s most expensive spice. Don’t miss the 3-ingredient recipe, here.

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