Easy Ways to Prep Your Home for This Fall

Creating a cozy and beautiful room for fall doesn’t have to be complicated, and these easy ideas will help your house feel like a warm retreat in no time. Unlike spring and summer, fall calls for more layers, candles and hot drinks in bed. Changing your room and home seasonly opts for a fresh start and mood boost while allowing your to declutter. 

Add layers

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Adding warm bedding layers and versatile textures of throw blankets can add warmth for the fall and winter months. It’s a great way to upgrade your bedding between seasons and a great opportunity as well to put on a flannel or jersey. Overall, neutral or dark blankets or carpets can be mixed and matched through the house on couches, beds or by fireplaces. It will give you a cozy vibe that can be doubled up for warmth. 


Having a mixed set of candles on trays or on your bedside tables can give instant coziness to a room. This option can also be substituted for fairy lights or electric candles as other forms of mood lighting. The calming effect of candles makes the perfect atmosphere for warmth and a perfect excuse for a fall scented candle shopping spree. 

Stack up slippers 

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Fluffy footwear is essential, and having cozy slippers to roll out of bed to makes all the difference in the morning. Keeping your toes warm and toasty not only saves you from cold feet but allows you to bring out your quirky slipper collection. There are so many options from indoor Ugg like boots or slippers, stretchy slippers, to our favorite cartoon-inspired designs. 

Add comfy pillows 

Cause one can never have too many pillows! Jumping to a warm bed over-stacked with pillows and ready to read a book or watch a movie screams snug comfort. Throw pillows come in endless patterns that can spice up any room or corner in your house instantly. 

Fall decoration 

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This is when the spooky fall and Halloween decoration come in handy. Gold pumpkins, trays, fall flower arrangements, and coffee cups are the ultimate accents to your home. The seasonal decorations are easy and cheap DIYs for autumn. 

Warm colours

Deep red, rustic browns, burned oranges, reds, and beige are the ultimate go-to fall colors. Upgrading your sofa cover, blankets or rug to these colour warms and cozies up any room. Updating your colour scheme welcomes a warm feel-good environment to escape the crisp cold weather. 

Add life with plants

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Lastly, this all-season hack is a foolproof way to keep your home toxins free, cozy and alive. Adding an indoor plant brings life to your winter blues and a garden boho vibe. If you miss having fresh summer flowers, Winter Jasmine, Camellia, Hellebores, and Crocus are winter-friendly flowers to keep around.

WE SAID THIS: It’s never to early to prepare for fall!