From Economy To Passion: A Chat With Creative Industry Summit Speaker Relations Manager Habiba Waly

While at the second edition of Techne summit, an event all about boosting the startup scene in the region, we made sure to visit the Creative Industry Summit booth. This enterprise fits perfectly into the whole essence of Techne Summit, since its inception back in 2014, its been holding events that focus on young creative entrepreneurial minds and their business success. At the booth, we had a chat with Habiba Waly, the speaker relations manager for Creative Industry Summit to learn more. 

“Creative industry summit is all about bringing together innovative and entrepreneurial minds from multiple creative industries like marketing and advertising to engage in enriching panel discussions and talks” said Waly. Every year, they would set up a series of events where creative minds come together to share insight and new ideas to bolster each creative industry.

Once we got a better idea of the Creative Industry Summit, we also got to learn all about their other projects, “we also do workshops, activations and even have a boot camp for women empowerment, it’s pretty eclectic” explained Waly. 

Beyond the theme of entrepreneurship, Techne summit is also all about immersing technology across multiple sectors like health and marketing, so the Creative Industry Summit decided to incorporate their own cool and interactive tech feature at their booth,  a barcode when scanned lets you do a quiz to learn about your creative personality. 

Throughout the 2-day event, they will be having sessions at Techne Summit from 5:30 to 8 pm so be sure to drop them a visit.

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