Epic Stadium Takeovers, Die-Ins & More: Pro-Palestine Moments That Defied The Odds

For 38 days, Gaza faced the most inhumane genocide, leaving thousands dead and millions displaced. Globally, people couldn’t bear witnessing the ongoing crisis so they marched across the streets, demanding justice yet to no avail as violence in Gaza only got more severe. That is when people decided to go for a more unconventional approach in voicing their support. Let’s take a look at some of the loudest and craziest ways people protested for Palestine.

Norway Shrouded “Die-In”

Along the floor of Norway’s Oslo Central Station lay hundreds of protestors. Atop their bodies were bloodied shrouds, the same as those that covered the dead bodies of thousands of Palestinian martyrs. Such a powerful metaphor grabbed the attention of millions and ended up making huge waves across social media as it was re-shared multiple times.

Via Middle East Monitor

Real Sociedad Stadium

To generate real noise, sometimes all you need is a big event and a popular venue. At Spain’s Reale Arena, during Real Sociedad‘s match against Benfica, heads were turned when fans made quite the entrance. Walking up to the field, protesters donned in white Hazmat suits took over the stands and slowly began spraying bloodied paint onto their suits. They stood in a united formation and raised the Palestinian flag in unison. Such a gesture during the Champions League made big noise across the globe.

Stanford Student “Die In”

From train stations to football stadiums, out-of-the-box protests are taking over the global landscape. Along those spaces, universities have become a common ground for protestors to take a stand. Laying across the ground, hundreds of Stanford students staged a “die in” in the main campus quad. They didn’t just want to make a visual statement, they wanted to shine a real light on what is happening on the ground in Gaza. That is when they began reading out the names and ages of those killed by Israel.

The Jet Ski Blocade

Along with symbolic displays of solidarity, there is also the power of action. Every day, Gaza is subjected to an onslaught of bombs and airstrikes. It is known that these weapons of mass destruction are shipped over to Israel from many different countries, one of which is Australia. That is why, when a shipment of weapons docked at Sydney’s Port Botany was ready to head to Israel, it was met with a surprise. Streams of jet skies gathered in front of the ship in a united attempt to stop it from completing its shipment.

Making It Virtual

Within the Lego-like world of Roblox, block-like avatars carrying massive Palestinian flags marched across a lamp-lit street in solidarity with Palestine. Hundreds of Malaysian kids have taken to the virtual world of Roblox to attend pro-Palestinian protests, shattering conventionality and showcasing yet another unique way to fight for the cause.

Each of these protests exemplifies how much the Palestinian cause has affected millions of people worldwide to keep on fighting and coming up with unique ways to end the ongoing genocide and horrific violence of the people of Palestine.

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