Anti-Semitism? How The US Ties Emergency Funds With The Freedom To Boycott Israel

Back in 2016 when Hurricane Harvey hit Texas, a contract had to be signed by those who required emergency funding stating that they were not boycotting Israel or supporting BDS which is short for (boycott, divestment, and sanctions) Back then, 21 US states have passed this similar law, now they are 37 states. Similar law was established in Ontario, Canada. This is blatantly telling the citizens that they either have the right to boycott or get help rebuilding their homes.

In general, Many United States states are using anti-boycott laws and executive orders to punish companies that refuse to do business with illegal Israeli settlements in the West Bank. This means that millions of Americans live in states with anti-boycott laws.

In 2019, 27 states have adopted laws or policies that penalize businesses, organizations, or individuals that engage in or call for boycotts against Israel. The laws or policies in 17 of those states explicitly target not only companies that refuse to do business in or with Israel but also those that refuse to do business in Israeli settlements.

In a recent video, content creator Ibrahim Hayder brought this topic to the surface, and social media users in the comment section, many of them are Americans and Canadians themselves were not aware of such laws. Bringing this to the consciousness of the people is crucial in the huge narrative shift happening right now that is pushed by educating the people about such political topics. Biden’s administration’s support for Israel is not born out of current events only, but it seems to be something rooted in the country’s policies for years.

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