France’s New Pro-Zionist Law Sentences Anyone Who Insults Israel To Two Years in Prison

Since the outbreak of Israeli attacks on Palestine, massive peaceful pro-Palestine demonstrations are taking place all over the world. France owns a peculiar position to the extent that it suppressed such demonstrations and fined thousands of protesters. Now it is felonizing anti-zionism.

On October 28, 16 French senators, led by senator Stephane Le Rudulier submitted a bill to criminalize anti-zionism. The bill penalizes anyone who denies, or insults the settler state of Israel.

Those who deny the existence of Israel will be sentenced to one year in prison, and fined 45,000 Euros.

Those who insult Israel will face a harsher penalty of 75, 000 Euros, and two years in prison. Moreover, a five-year sentence and a 100,000 Euro fine for anyone who provokes violence or hate speech against settler Israel.

This can be transmitted by speeches, shouts or threats made in public places or meetings, or by writings, prints, drawings, engravings, paintings, emblems, images or any other written medium, speech or image, sold or distributed, offered for sale or exhibited in public places or meetings.

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