How AI Has Been Used Between The Israel & Palestinian Conflict

Artificial intelligence in the age of censorship of Palestine.

As the use of artificial intelligence becomes more mainstream. It has both its advantages and disadvantages in regard to Palestine. From AI being able to show us what Gaza and Palestine would have looked like to censoring and shadow-banning Pro-Palestinian posts of the tragic events unfolding in Palestine.

Most recently on Instagram, there have been multiple cases of the word ‘Palestine’ being translated on Instagram as ‘terrorists’ the screenshot on 404Media. The social platform blamed the mishap on a bug that caused the malfunction.

However, it comes as no coincidence that the platform was also recently found to be censoring pro-Palestinian posts with hashtags including Palestine, Gaza, and Free Palestine which led to the demoting of posts.

Hena Mustafa, a New York City-based Instagram user with 866 followers, claimed that since she began posting about developments in Palestine as Israel tightened its blockade last week, her Stories, photos, and videos that disappeared after 24 hours had received “significantly fewer views.” 

Friends and fans had notified her to say that her posts are no longer visible at the top of their Instagram feeds, that her name is no longer searchable on the social network, and that they are unable to view her posts. 

Another instance where Google bard also censored any prompts or answers relating to the current situation in Palestine and Israel.

Via Twitter

Although AI has its disadvantages like censoring or misrepresenting vital information it also has its advantages like how it has allowed us to get information and obtain reconstructions of places such as Gaza.