In Times Of Chaos: How Everyone’s An Influencer

In a world where everyone is on social media. Social media now holds a heavy influence on people’s lives. From what they wear to the news they see on social media, often what we see, hear or read on social media platforms plays a huge role in shaping our views and perspective on things. In Particular, the tragic events that have unfolded in Palestine have shown to be very divisive.

Meta giant Instagram has often shown to be very influential in curating people’s views. Any user with an Instagram account does not need to be of any ‘influencer status’ to have their posts be shared and reached by millions of people on a global scale. 

Along with Instagram, the same can be said about users on other social platforms including Twitter and Facebook where users can post their opinions or views online. The post then blows up overnight as people who share the same opinions interact with it.

Via YouTube

The platforms have often been used as a means of spreading information and raising awareness on social issues that are faced by many people worldwide. An example of this is ‘NaleyByNature‘ on Instagram when she posted an Instagram reel of herself explaining the situation in Palestine from her own personal experience as someone who has spent a substantial time there. Her video has since then gained over 1.8 million views.

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