Would You Forgive Someone Who Shot You In The Head?

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Nas Daily has warmed our hearts with another 1-minute video that captured the story of Fethi and Iannis.
Their tale is one for the books and it’s very touching.

Two men, Iannis served in the Greek Army while Fethi served in the Turkish Army, and 44 years ago during the war in Cyprus war, Iannis shot Fethi in the head in the battlefield.

Fethi, fortunately, survived and wrote a book about his experience in the battlefield. 34 years later, the book made its way to Iannis, who later then contacted Fethi to ask for forgiveness. Ever since then, they’re really good friends and they have found something better to serve the world with … peace.

The video is capturing the two men being all quirky and cheeky while saying “we almost killed each other” in the cutest accents; it’s very uplifting and it honestly completely shifted our moods today!

WE SAID THIS: Would you forgive someone who shot you in the head?

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