Ministry Of Tourism & Antiquities Announces Egypt’s Five-Year Tourist Visa

Egypt just launched a new 700 USD 5-year visa for travelers visiting the country as a way to boost tourism. This is the first time ever that the country offers a visa that is valid for multiple years. Along with this new visa guideline, the Ministry Of Tourism & Antiquities has also announced that they will be raising the number of nationalities eligible for a visa on arrival to a total of 180 countries including China and India.

The country that was able to attract 11.7 million tourists last year, has big plans to boost that number by 25 to 35 percent annually and achieve its ambitious goal of attracting 30 million tourists by 2030. Beyond the new visa guidelines, many efforts have been taking place in the country to boost tourism including twenty museums that have opened in the past 4 years and opening of the Greco-Roman Museum in just a few weeks.

It is all part of the new tourism strategy led by Ahmed Issa, the Minister of Tourism and Antiquities who plans to double the number of hotel rooms, increase number of seats on planes as well as improve the overall visitor experience.

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