Caramel Dubai: As Dynamite As Its Reputation


Caramel has always been a trademark for business lunches and evening cocktails in Dubai’s financial district. Having hosted members of the royal family, CEOs from around the world and multiple celebrities, including the entire Manchester United team, the Kardashians and more, the restaurant and lounge has carried a great reputation over the past few years.

Before stepping foot in the restaurant, we had already heard about the dynamite shrimp and Kobe beef sliders that were not to be missed.

We headed over to Caramel for a business lunch and weren’t surprised to see that the place was jam packed with execs in their bespoke designed suits and Cartier watches.

I kid you not – there was a plate of TNT Shrimp on almost every table. The famous appetizer came down in a martini shaped glass, and was in fact dynamite. Its reputation was well deserved.




What blew us away though was the Chinese Chicken Salad. I’m a fan of the underdog, and it seems that this dish is greatly under-appreciated. It was light, full of textures and colors and beyond flavorful. The sushi was also delicious, simple yet nothing out of the ordinary.




The buffalo-style Signature Chicken Lollipops were also delicious, but a little difficult to eat while discussing business. No one likes to talk numbers with blue cheese and hot sauce on their face.




I was already full by the time the main dishes arrived, but the Petite Kobe Sliders were staring me down intently. They were perfect. The bite-sized burgers were packed with flavor and juice and absolutely worth the tafasa (when you keep eating way past the point of being full just because the food is so finger lickin good you don’t want to stop, AKA the path to obesity).




My colleague ordered the Prawn Risotto, which was the perfect amount of creaminess with flavor.




We had to run before dessert to catch another meeting, but judging by the food, I can imagine that it was amazing. Even though the place was packed, the service was great. The staff continuously checked in and the manager walked around the room stopping by tables asking if everyone was happy.

It was too hot for us to sit outside, but I intend on making another trip to try their dessert in the gorgeous outside terrace. Until next time!



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