First Technical Center for Disabled People in Africa to Open in Egypt!

via: akhbaralyaom

By Salma Maher

Just this Monday, President Abdel Fatah El-Sisi announced a new technical center serving people with hearing and listening disabilities to be established. The center is aiming at teaching the disabled how to communicate through mobile phones.

via: akhbarelyaom

El-Sisi has aforementioned 2018 as being the year of the disabled people and following that affirmation he has also announced that they will be able to use online governmental websites to practice services and extract information.

It seems that Egypt is finally starting to create a better environment and attend to the needs of the disabled, not only that but also finding ways to better involve them in the decision-making process. Thanks to the 2014 constitution guaranteeing them unprecedented rights, including securing them seats in the Parliament.

WE SAID THIS: People with special needs have long been underestimated in Egypt, it’s about time we start investing in their development and watch them go!