Find out Why Dubai Is Handing out Free Umbrellas for Everyone

With Dubai’s summer heat rising like a phoenix from the ashes, it feels like we wont be getting a break from the heat anytime soon. In fact, government officials have reassured that the heat is here to stay. But don’t you worry child… Dubai is here for the rescue!



Due to the unbearable high temperatures Dubai has announced a new initiative in an attempt to help their residents stay cool for the summer, this new initiative is a part of the Year of Giving.



“Dubai Municipality launched an umbrella initiative for everyone in Dubai to protect them from the sun heat, especially people who do not own cars, and their work requires them to walk in the afternoon, where the temperature is high during that period of the year,” the Municipality posted on Facebook earlier today.




WE SAID THIS: Cheers to the UAE for looking out for their citizens!

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