Here’s Why You’ll Want to Shift Careers and Become a Police Officer in the UAE

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This just in! Khaleeji Times have just release this piece of information that might make you rethink all your life decisions — mainly your careers. The salaries of police officers in the UAE will make you want to change whatever your dream career was.


Check out the table below with all the figures, and you’ll soon be applying to becoming an officer of the law in no time.


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The force members have telephone allowance and periodic bonuses as well. Officers from the rank of brigadier and above can get an annual bonus equal to six percent of their base salary as of January 1 of each year.


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However, members of the UAE police force cannot get the annual bonus if they receive a mark lower than ‘good’ on their competency report.



WE SAID THIS: *applies to become a cop in the UAE*