Ministry of Tourism Denies Alcohol Ban On Sahel Beaches

Via tumblr
Via tumblr


This has not been the best week for Egypt’s beaches. From terrorist attacks in Hurghada to police raids in Sahel, Egyptians have been worried about the fate of their summer.


Last week, Youm7 announced that the Tourism Police has decided to ban alcohol on Sahel beaches. This happened shortly after Sahel’s club 6ix Degrees was shut down.


It was not clear whether the law would be applied to public or private establishments, but the Ministry of Tourism just denied the allegations.


“The Tourism Ministry did not release any ban on alcohol consumption, and even the Tourism Police will not follow any such measure without consultations with the Tourism Ministry, the news outlet circulating this is responsible for verifying the authenticity  of their sources,” Tourism Ministry’s official spokesperson Rana Goher told Egypt Independent.



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