Fascinating Archaeological Discovery Of A Child Buried Among 142 Dogs Dating Back To 1st Century BCE

Along the expanses of Egypt’s desert are a treasure trove of archaeological discoveries with the most recent finding proving to be quite the puzzle. While excavating a necropolis at Fayoum, a group of Archaeologists came across a burial of an eight-year-old child that was laid carefully across 142 dogs. A zoologist by the name of Galina Belova examined the dogs and confirmed that they all died together, at the same time with no evidence of violence.

On further exploration, blue clay was found in the dog remains which suggests that they could have been near a water source that flooded, causing all the dogs to drown together. When it comes to the child being found, the team have no idea how he ended up buried with the dogs.

Speculations and theories have been circulating among them including one theory that the child may have been caring for the animals and so ended up getting buried with them. It gets more confusing as the child was also found with a linen bag placed on his head. The only other time that a boy was found with a linen bag over his head, his cause of death was execution by an arrow.

Many questions remain as to the story behind the child and the 142 dogs but hopefully, overtime, archaeologists will be able to glean a clearer picture of what life was like in this part of Ancient Egypt many years ago.

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